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Car crusher crushing car

Hi, you'll have to forgive me for this, its my first time, so please be gentle, actually I love cars and having owned about 30 over the years, I couldn't resist bringing this one to your attention, its called a G wizz and I guess its affordable at around £8000, if you're not on the dole or seriously into cars, that is and to make it even more desirable I have just heard on the news that it's a death trap, or more likely due to its top speed of 10mph, a not so serious injury trap, perhaps a light bruise trap.

Anyway it's apparently the most popular electric vehicle on English roads and it's exempt from road tax, which is not on, as it takes up as much room as half a normal car, at least and guess what, you can get it with air con, personally I would'nt be seen dead in it, but even that's hardly possible, apart from having a heart attack.
Really, really disgusting new Scion.

Lots of people didn't much like the Scion xB when it came out. Based on the Japanese Black Box, it just wasn't how L.A. people (where the first Scions were releases) looked at cars. L.A. folks want big trucks, or at least convertibles. Your car is who you are - and not a lot of people saw themselves as a slow refrigerator box. But the xB was cool enough to win over a lot of fans. With its impossibly massive interior (seriously, it's like an old Chevy Astro van in there) - and its low, low, low price - it was actually an OK way to go, car-wise.
But almost a decade later, Scion felt the pressure to do something new to the xB - so they made it ugly and more Toyota-like. Behold, the above picture of the uglified crap mobile that is replacing the beloved all box. It's rounder, its front end vaguely resembles Toyota vans and it's coming at you soon for $15,650. Look for the new Scion xB in Second Life too, it's even uglier.